September 02, 2005

Crime is not unique to New Orleans

Crime is increasing in the high desert.

People from Los Angeles are escaping to the "low" cost housing of the Antelope Valley. While they are hoping to escape the high crime areas of that city, they are bringing along family members who are criminals or gang bangers with them.

Last week one guy killed another guy in a Lancaster car wash by shooting him six times. The shooter was mad because the victim was talking to the shooters girlfriend. The shooter was having his car's oil changed and had his girl friends mother give them a ride away from the car wash. So now a lot of families are victims of this guys deep anger. The victims family, the girlfriends family, the people who witnessed this at the car wash, the shooters family.

And crime has even reached California City, the city in the middle of nowhere. The neighbor of a friend was the victim of a home invasion robbery. One member of the family was beaten and others were held at gunpoint while the armed robbers looted the house of valuables.


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