August 22, 2005

Restarting Windows In The National Archive

I was in the National Archives new exhibit today. We walked past the Declaration of independence, the Constitution, and the Bill Of Rights. Several other documents I remember from a previous visit were gone including the WW2 instrument of surrender and a copy of the magna carta. They have a visitors center explaining the role and contents of the archives. They use a series of touch displays driven by Windows to illustrate documents from the archives. One of the machines was DOA, evidently the software had crashed and it dropped to the Windows desktop. A visitor ahead of myself, was trying to re-start the software by running the touchscreen calibration program. After they moved away, I restarted the system and the system booted into kiosk mode as I expected it would. I noticed that the machine was running a VNC server... I like VNC and use it at home.


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