August 28, 2005

Patuxent River museum Part #2

We finished the visit to the Pax River museum on Thursday 25 August.

I had to split this visit across a couple of lunch breaks in the Range Commanders Council Telemetry Group meeting I was attending.

the first day I visited the outside displays and this second visit I covered the inside displays.

I have visited this museum in the past when it was located inside the Pax River base. Since 9/11 the museum has been moved outside the base where it is open to the public.

The museum was hosting a display of aviation art when I visited.

Here is a Link to the The American Society of Aviation Artists site with more information about the exhibit.

Notable items inside included the mockup of the Northrop Grumman X-47 Naval UCAV, the Goodyear inflatable plane (I recall seeing this on Discovery weird planes years ago), and the Gyrodyne DASH Anti-submarine UAV Helicopter

Both times I visited the museum, the Navy was conducting ceremonies. The first visit they had a retirement ceremony going and this visit it looked like they were having an award ceramony.

This museam also has a nice display of ejection seats including the Russian K-36 which should be what we use in american aircraft.

The only thing missing from the old museam was the RTPS 2 telemetry display console I recall.. They did have a tracking radar control console and a nice display of aircraft instrumentation.


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