August 23, 2005

Patuxent River museum

We visited the Pax River museum at lunch today. We looked at all the aircraft parked outside, but did not have time to visit the exhibits inside yet. Aircraft include Panther, Skyray, Phantom, Skyhawk, Hornet, Tomcat, E2C, S2, CH53, T-34, UH1, AH-1, SH-2G. The plan is to do that in a few days at lunch. They have the X-32B and the X-35C Joint Strike Fighter Demonstrators outside on display. I saw both aircraft several years ago in a Pax Hanger, but now they are on public display. The X-32A is in storage in Palmdale, the X-35A is in the dulles NASM. We plan to go to the Dulles NASM before we catch a plane back to L.A. Friday.


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