July 30, 2005

Stealth and the impact of increased traffic on the L.A. lifestyle

Well I was going to see the movie Stealth, but now I will wait until it comes out on HBO. This should not take long because the movie rated a 4 on IMDB. How many times is Hollywood going to milk the computers take over or go berserk scenario. Just as we can ask how many more comic book super heros are left to make movies about. I guess they have not made a movie about Aquaman yet. I did watch four minutes of the Stealth movie recently in a Tivo Showcase. Tivo basically plants infomercials on your Tivo which you can review. Last week they had the first four minutes of the stealth movie. I liked the look of the aircraft and the rotary weapons bay (an advanced version of the one in the B-57).

Finally I saw this article in the Whittier Daily News about the impact of traffic in L.A. The article says 87% of L.A. residents made a change to avoid traffic, like re-locating.

Traffic down to San Diego last week just sucked, I will never take the 215 again to San Diego only the 15 through Corona.

One of the positive things about working at Edwards Air Force Base is that my car can practically drive itself to work, which is saying we have almost no traffic. If you go to work like I do around 8am, traffic is normally gone.

I think the number of lanes available between L.A. and the Antelope Valley will along with interest rates, and oversupply of houses will slow growth in the valley.


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