August 21, 2005

Washington Here I Come

Back in the capital today. We ate at the Proud Bird near LAX last night. If you get a chance drop by and visit this L.A. landmark. This restaurant is adorned with pilot photos and multiple airplanes both pole mounted and sitting in the back yard. These included a spitfire, P-51, F4U, TBM Avenger, and a Mig-15 among others.

Flew on an Airbus 319. The hydraulics were the nicest I have ever heard on an airplane. Some electrical problem forced us back to the gate for a 45 minute watt while avionics techs worked away up front. The airplane was packed, every seat filled. The trip was fast 4 hours 30 minutes. United now charges $5 for breakfast on the plane. The breakfast was the best one an airplane I have had in a long time. Better then the American Airlines lunch sack. Visited the Air and Space today and the national art gallery. The space ship one has not been added yet.


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