March 18, 2007

White Sands Missile Range

Attended the 115th meeting of the Range Commanders Council Telemetry Group last week in Las Cruces New Mexico.

I helped out in the Data Multiplex comittee as the scribe taking the meeting minutes.

We got the TMATS section of IRIG 106 squared away for publication. TMATS is used to distribute telemetry attributes from the test article to the telemetry ground station. This new version of IRIG 106 includes the first version of TMATS XML. Also includes Data Display Markup Language. DDML is a neutral method to convert display configuration information between display software packages.

We also received a tour of the Cox Mission Control Center at White Sands Missile Range.

The visit included a tour around the missile park at WSMR. Very cool stuff including a restored V-2. I was stupid and did not bring my camera. My buddy took some good photos.

Well next time I will bring the camera.


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