March 18, 2007

Off To Seattle Again

I am off to Seattle again. As we left Burbank on a Alaska Airlines 737-700 and all I could think about was how did they get that C-5A into Burbank. It must have been tight. That C-5A brought out the first F-117 for testing at another location.

It looks like a lot of the old Lockheed Skunk Works buildings are gone now at Burbank. Just empty fields or piles of ruble.

The airplane is nearly empty. An earlier flight that left two hours earlier lookded pretty full. At Burbank I use a human to check in instead of the kiosk. Both times I have done this, they gave me exit row seats.

I am no going to try doing this on other airlines.

I think some college sports team is onboard the aircraft.

A few minutes ago I watched another airplane at our altitude zoom past in the opposite direction. They must have been 5 miles away..

I hope its not to cold. I left my jacket in the car at Burbank.

I went in to Edwards this morning. Picked up some documentation, did my timecard, and got my ID card fixed.

Looking out the west side of the airplane and I see a cresent moon.


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