November 26, 2006

Eclipe Keyless entry

I bought a new keyless entry for my 2003 Eclipse GT from

This was my nephews car. He decided that the car was too fast for him. He did this by getting tickets until his license was suspended. Then he continued to drive the car until he ended up on the side of the road watching the car get towed into impound for 30 days.

That is where I got my eclipse after bailing it of car jail.

I realised later that the ignition keys would not open the doors. It did work on the trunk. After convincing my girlfriend to crawl forward and unlock the door I bought a new keyless entry fob from

These guys game me a plug with a jumper wire that I inserted into the test port by the steering column. Within 10 minutes I had functioning door looks. All for only $70 dollars.

I still need to take it over to a dealership in Victorville to get the radio dispaly unit fixed. It also needs some body work to fix the right rear. My nephew says it got hit by another car in a parking lot.

The rear windshield wiper is also busted off and I will pick this up over at the dealership when the radio head is fixed.

Stuff to do during the holidays.


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