November 26, 2006

Off to San Antonio

Well I am off to San Antonio, Texas for an iNet meta data meeting. I am writting this on the airplane. I got up and at lunch with my girlfriend at Jimmy's on Ave K in Lancaster.

We ditched church today, which bothered me a little.

After dropping of my girlfriend in Lancaster I took the Z28 up to Rosamond to pick up another traveler for this trip.

The drive down was uneventfull. We passed a lot of toy hawlers.

The airport was not busy either.

An LAPD copy told us the arrivals were a madhouse.

While waiting I hooked up my laptop and played "the map" as my girlfriend calls it.

I am refighting the entire ww2 pacific theater in a video game. So far I have been playing about.a year.

While I was doing this a man collapsed about 30 feet away from me. It looked to me like the guy was drunk. I heard him say that he had to many vodkas.

The EMS and the police came to help, but he ended up getting on the plane to Colorado Springs.

We riding on a Canadair Challenger regional jet. We had a little drama before the flight. The male flight attendent has a power trip. When a couple of folks did not instantly sit down when he commanded he threatened to toss them of the flight. The other female flight attendendent calmed things down.

The male flight attendent needs some time off before he generates a lawsuit. Maybe Skywest will read this. A bunch of the other passengers said he needed to chill.


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