November 26, 2006

New Job(s) at AFFTC

I took two weeks vacation after the International Telemetry Conference.

Partially this was to use "use or loose leave" and partially this was to get my head straight on what I wanted to do next in my career.

My project the Data Processing Multistage Improvement Program ended on October 1.

I was invited to work on the iNet Telemetry project at the Air Force Flight Test Center. So I readily accepted the opportunity to work on this project.

The powers in my squadron decided this work would not keep me busy enough. So they have also crafted a technical support job for me in their domain as well.

What I will be doing for them is a work in progress. More on that later.

What this comes down to is I will no longer be the Government program managers for the Interactice Analysis and Display System or the Mission Control System Telemetry Processor.

This work is now being accomplished by another person. Both projects are in good shape and the products of these efforts are being used to process and display telemetry at Edwards and for other organizations.

The past six years have been both the best and worst years of my life at Edwards.

I have been able to accomplish tremendous things during this time. At the same time it takes a tremendous amount of effort to get things done in the Government's process.

I feel like I am wasting the energy I have in this endevour and could be doing some more rewarding thing.

That said, the Air Force Flight Test Center is a great place to work if you are a working level Engineer or Scientist. It combines three of my passions; history, airplanes, and computers.

I have given myself a deadline of the end ofthe year to figure out what I want to do next. Or at least some long term effort to work on externally that I can move to eventually.

Hopefully this new job set will let me have some more downtime with my family.


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