March 25, 2007

Burbank and Santa Maria

Flew back into Burbank on Wednesday.

Drove up to Edwards to get my email.

I also tried to submit my travel voucher for my Seattle trip. Wouldn't you know it! The DTS system would not accept my voucher until my trip was over. Meaning I could not submit it on the last day of the trip.

I dropped my Z-28 SS off at the house in Rosamond and we drove to Santa Maria in the Eclipse GS.

The weather looked crappy through the Grapvine, from the Antelope Valley side but it turned out to be okay.

We stopped at Don Pericos Mexican Restrurant for dinner and then pressed on to Santa Maria.

We stayed at the Santa Maria Radisson out by the Airport. This a very nice motel. We we're by the pool where the airplane noise was low.

Then it was on to SLO thursday after my meeting at CSC

We ate lunch on Thursday at the Office


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