March 21, 2007

Airborne Medical Emergency

The Alaska Airlines flight I am on was exciting today.

They changed the gate without announcing it at the old gate until I asked the question.

I should have asked earlier. Instead I waited until 15 minutes before departure.

Then I had to jog down to another terminal. The plane had not left yet.

It was a hurry upand wait kind of thing.

One I got onto the plane we set on the ground waiting. First the log book had not been updated. Then a de-icing truck had to be called to blow. little frost off the wing.

We finally got into the air and we had a medical emergency.

Not sure yet what happened. The flight attendents asked for anyone who is a medic, doctor, or nurse to come forward. At least four people quickly responded. The flight attendeds brought forward what looked like a defibralator, first aid kit, and O2 bottle.

They also took out a headset which they plugged into a connection at mid cabin. It looked like a system they could use to communicate with a doctor on the ground..

Looks like the person is okay, because the flight attendents put everything away.

Excitements over for now on this flight.


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