March 26, 2006

Deputy Killed On Duty

On Thursday night as I drove towards 20th street east on Avenue K in Lancaster the intersection was cordened off and I had to detour around this.

At the time I suspected another shooting or other crime had taken place in East Lancaster and this was a crime scene investigation.

On Saturday night, I found out that a L.A. County Deputy Sheriff Pierre Bain had been killed in a traffic accident at this location.

The deputy had three daughters and he gets killed because some moron does a left turn in front of him. The Deputy had his lights and siren going.

In February a CHP motorcycle officer Greg Baily was killed at the junction of Interstate 15 and Highway 395 by a drunk driver.

Since this is the second motorcycle officer to be killed in Antelope Valley in two months maybe it is time to ask the following question.

Are motocycles too dangerous for police work?

Do they leave these officers exposed.

I know it's cool to be a motorcycle officer, but it is worth it.


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