January 17, 2006

Oxnard and Lebec

The plan is to keep this blog up to date. I attended a meeting at Point Mugu to give a talk..

I drove down at 530am. Commututing to Los Angeles must suck traffic through the Newhall pass just bites.

But the way to Point Mugu is through the 118 and then the 23 the thousand oaks freeway.

I drove around Oxnard at lunch. Lots of commercial real estate was for rent and sale.

Next time I go to Point Mugu I am going to the small museum. They had a collection of missiles,an F-14 and an F-4.

I drive by Lebec once or twice a month on the way to San Luis Obispo. It now looks like little Lebec made national news because they tried to present a class on "intelligent design" at the high school as an alternative to teaching the theory of evolution. Lebec is located just north of Gorman, California in Kern County.

Before the big story about evolution, the story was Gorman was trying to break out of Los Angeles County and move over to Kern County.


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