March 24, 2006

San Luis Obispo

The weathers great on the California Central Coast. On the way over here my car had a birdstrike. A black bird ran into the windshield and vaulted over the car near New Cuyama. Their were lots of purple wild flowers in the Cuyama Valley.

We did not see many California Poppys as we traversed the poppy reserve on Highway 138. More Poppys were out near San Luis Obispo.

We ate breakfast at the Denny's near the grapevine on Interstate 5.

I visited a contractor in Santa Maria who is working on a project for us for a couple of hours.

We stopped at the mall in Santa Maria. I picked up some cookies at California Cookies and visited Barnes and Noble.

We ate lunch at tacos of acapulco in SlO

am at 84 lumber to pick up wood for a planter.


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