October 02, 2005

Traveler's Notes

Last week I traveled out to Patuxent River Maryland. Just after we boarded the airplane on the flight out from LAX, two lady's got up in a panic. They realized they were on the wrong airplane. They boarded the airplane for Washington D.C. instead they were really supposed to be on the plane to Seattle. They thought this was the flight to Washington state.

After arriving in D.C. Monday we heard that a biological weopons sensor on the mall was alerted the previous day. Before we drove down to Pax we made usual pilgrimage to the National Air and Space Museum on the mall. Luckily neither of us got sick.

While we were at the NASM we saw that space ship one is now hanging up next to the X-1. It was covered in blue plastic. The unveilling is coming up next week. We also saw Awesome Desolation, the IMAX film about the Apollo moon landings. This 3D movie was awesome and if you get a chance you should see it.

On a rainy drive down to Pax we heard what sounded like a Tornado siren. So I started tuning the radio trying to find out what was going on. Everything seemed normal. Later we found out this siren alerted the volunteers for the local volunteer fire department. I would sure hate to live near that.

At the hotel they were having a trawler convention for boat owners.

I already blogged about thanking the soilders for service in Iraq. This was the highlight of the trip for me.

We ate at the Solomons pier at Solomons Is. Maryland. We had the tereyaki salmon with wasabi. It was the best meal of the trip. Although I should also say that the Holiday Inn select has a better then normal hotel resturant. The pulled BBQ pork and Mac and cheeese is also real good at the American History museum. We also ate at the proud bird again at LAX

On the way back to Dulles airport we visted the American history museam and the NASM annex. The American History Museum has less stuff on display versus trying to tell the story with stuff. The exception was the display on steam power. Out at the NASM annex it is still about stuff.

We visited the McDonnel space section. This area had not been completed during my last visit. Still a lot of room to add more aircraft.

On the way back to the terminal at Dulles on the Avis shuttle, a lady appeared out of nowhere on the street. I was thinking accident or medical emergency. Instead she asked if this was the bus to Washington.


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