August 28, 2012

Neil Armstrong

Neil Armstrong was one of my heros and I was saddened by his passing recently.

When Apollo 11 landed on the moon my life was changed. I was sitting on the floor in front of my parents gold couch watching those grey images of the moon landing. I was four years old. I remember that day and also remember watching the splashdown of Apollo 17 a few years later. Then a few years after that I stood at the corner of Ave E and 10th Street East (Now "Challenger" way) as the Shuttle Enterprise passed us on the way from Plant 42 to Edwards Air Force Base.

Mr. Armstrong did awesome things as a quiet  professional.

Here are several videos on the web where Mr. Armstrong either speaks or featured.

In the past I watched this 2007 video on youtube. After the excellent introduction by Mr. Metz (F-22 Test Pilot), Mr. Armstrong talks about the Luner Landing Research Vehicle (LLRV) at the Society of Experimental Test Pilots. And earlier this year in February Mr. Armstrong spoke at the Neg Generation Suborbital Research conference. Here is the  video from that talk.

I have watched this video a 100 times about the X-15 "Project X-15" and now it is on You Tube. Great shots at the beginning of the NASA 1 control room. From which all great control rooms for flight test followed. The first third of this video (from IBM )shows the X-15 telemetry and post processing system.

I have watched episode 6 "Mare Tranquilitatis" of "From the Earth to the Moon" about 100 times. Here is that video on Youtube.

Mr. Armstrong is also in this episode of Moon Machines which features the Navigation Computer.... I know the Saturn 5 was awesome, but it was this gadget that made the moon landing happen. And here is another cool video "Computers of NASA"

Here is the Apollo 11 Channel on Youtube.

Thanks Mr. Armstrong


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