August 07, 2012

Curiosity Rover Lands.on Mars

Extreme Tech has this nice article "on the Curiosity Rover's data system the link is here. The title "Insude NASA's Curiosity: It's an Apple Airport Extreme... with wheels" is a little lame. It turns out the only thing the Apple Airport Extreme and the Curiosity Rover share is the VxWorks OS.

CNET had this article titled "Aging NASA science satellite on call to confirm Mars landing"
 back on July 31, 2012 about NASA using Mars Odyssey to relay telemetry back from Curiosity.

NASA needs to include bent-pipe telemetry capability into all of it's future interplanetary spacecraft.  It came in real handy for Curiosity. 

"Bent pipe" means the signal is received by Mars Odyssey amplified and then re-transmitted on a new frequency.


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