June 08, 2012

Improvements to LAX

I travel through LAX frequently.

Here are some suggestions that would make the airport better.

1. Open up the tunnels between terminals 4,5, and 6 so that you can go between airlines without leaving the security zone.

2. Upgrade the baggage claim systems so that they are faster. No matter which terminal I use it always takes 45 min to get your bags after a flight.

3. Get all the parked cop cars out of the way in front of the terminals. The rental car busses, hotel shuttles, and private vehicles are always jockeying around parked cop cars.

4. The bridge before terminal 1 at the departures level has a big bump that every shuttle bus hits. Can this be fixed?

5. More and better food options.

6. How about running the AMTRAK Pacific Surfliner into a station at the airport. This is what they do at Philidelphia and at Newark. Instead of needing to take the flyaway bus to Union Station.


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