November 27, 2010

Macbook Tink, Clicking,

I have owned a Apple Macbook Pro since October with no issues except one.

It made funny metallic clicking noises (tink, tink, tink) after the system warmed up.

At first I thought it was the hard drive failing. So I backed up the hard drive.. waiting for doom.

Then I thought it was the Sudden Motion Sensor parking the hard drive.

To read more about the sudden motion sensor see this page on the Apple website. Even after I started and stopped the sudden motion sensor the "tinking" sound was still around.

Then to make sure after I turned off the Sudden Motion Sensor, I booted the Macbook Pro into Windows 7 and it still made the tinking sound. Even booting up it made the tinking sound.

Then I found the "Fix Your Macbook Pro like a Champ" web page.

After I removed the bottom cover of the Macbook Pro and removing the ground connector shown on the website.   No more tinking sounds....

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