November 20, 2010

Data In the Cloud - Dropbox

I have been using DropBox for free since 2009.

This week I decided to go ahead pay for the the DropBox 50Gb subscription.

If you’re not familiar with DropBox works, here is how it works:

You go to the DropBox website and create a free account and then download the application installer to your computer.

DropBox creates a folder on your computer (in a location you choose) and continually monitors your folder for changes.

Whenever the contents of this folder change, the DropBox application automatically syncs these changes to your account’s folder on the DropBox servers.

At the same time any other computer attached to that DropBox account will have their DropBox folder synced as well.

So far I have used DropBox with Windows XP, Windows 7, OS X, Ubuntu, and on my iPhone. And I have grown to depend on it!

In addition to the basic functionality of syncing files between machines I also use it to sync passwords between machines and to remotely start torrents on my home machine.

I tried to sync my Firefox browser profiles between Windows 7 and OS X on my laptop. Sad to say this was too big a stretch and did not work out so well. Several of my Firefox extensions needed to be re-installed each time I switched operating systems and tried to use the same profile.

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