February 16, 2009

SLO Valentine's Saturday and What The Heck an X-15?

We went and watched the movie Gran Torino in San Luis Obispo on Valentines Saturday and then we walked around town. My father had a Gran Torino in the 1970's, not as cool as the one in the movie. I am lucky to own an M-1 Gurand. A very surprise ending to the movie that I will not ruin.

Along with the obligatory stop at Barns and Noble downtown, we went to the Ross store.

While walking back to the car I spotted a large X-15 model haniging in the Decades vintage clothing store. It was big probably 6 foot long made of wood with what looked like an attachment for a pole mount. It looked like it was made of wood and had some damage on the leading edge of the wing.

It was Valentines so we visited See's Candy which was very busy. Also we bought a new Prince tennis racket at the Big 5 sporting goods store.

Joy's brother wanted Kentucky Fried Chicken for his birthday dinner. No KFC exists in SLO. So we drove to what we thought was a KFC in Arroyo Grande, but it had gone out of business. So finally we drove to Santa Maria and found the KFC on main street. A 50 mile trip for chicken. This trip would have been a bigger hassel if we did not have the iphone and google maps.


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