February 14, 2009

A Rainy Day in Santa Maria

I spent Friday working in Santa Maria. It rained all morning but the weather cleared in time to have lunch at the Office. The office is owned by members of the Deene family who used to work on the IFDAPS telemetry processor at Computer Science Corporation. IFDAPS was used long ago at Edwards to process telemetry from test aircraft.

I stayed again at the Holiday Inn in Santa Maria. The Portabelllo restaurant at this Holiday inn has a really nice seafood salad and the best french fries have eaten in a long time.

Santa Maria has its share of closed up retail businesses like everywhere else.

After work we went with my future in-laws to the Quarterdeck for fish in Arroyo Grande.

Latter we went to Smart and Final to pick up supplies for are church up here. and the Borders Book Store in San Luis Obispo.

This was the first time I visited the Borders store in SLO. Normally I visit Barnes and Noble downtown. The borders is real nice and is located next to Best Buy in the Madonna shopping center.

 I cashed in a giftcard from Christmas on a book from Cisco called Cisco Networking Simplified.

We ended the day at Fosters Freeze "a california tradition" where we split a hot fudge sundae. We have a Fosters back in Rosamond as well.


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