February 06, 2009

Rainy Friday in Lancaster

I am starting my blog again...

I will work to keep it updated more frequently.

It was a rainy day off for me from Edward's. We met some friends for breakfast. I forgot the name of the resturant, but will post information about it soon. 

We picked up some fruit in at Ben's Corner and also shopped at the WINCO Grocery Story. Later we visited Barnes and Noble in Palmdale. I picked up the book on the Northrop P-61 Blackwidow  by Jeff Kollin . The P-61 was a night fighter deployed by the Army Air Force in World War II. I have been interested in this aircraft since I saw it at the  P-61 at the National Museum of the USAF in Dayton in 2007.

While at B&N, we connected to the AT&T Wifi access point for the first time with my iPhone, that was nice. I also connected to the free wifi at Edward's Air Force Base BX food court Thursday. 

I am also amazed at how well the shazam application works on the iphone. Shazam uses the microphone in the iPhone to record part of a song being played either from your car radio or in this case the background music at B&N. Shazam then matches this tag to a database on the web to determine what song it is. This application works really well.

The unemployment news was not good and the politicians in Washington don't know what to do. State Employee's being furloughed without pay is no good. 

This article  was in the AV Press about folks from the Test Pilot School helping out at Park View School in Lancaster. Park View is a  middle school in Lancaster.

The National Test Pilot School  DC-3 was damaged in a crash on Wednesday. The video from KERO Bakersfield is here .

It could snow here tonight.


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