February 20, 2009

Fixing my Itunes Library on my day off.

I am spending my day off in Rosamond.

It is a clear desert day with the outside air tempreture currently 50 F when I am writing this.

Recently I started trying to make my Itunes Library less disorderly.

I have been using three tools.

Jaikoz audio tagger. Jaikoz will take a folder full of mp3 files and repair the ID3 tags in each file, it adds album art, and lyrics to the file. The program does this by checking data bases on the web which it uses to map the songs.

In addition to Jaikoz, I have used Musicbrainz Picard in the past. I have been using both of these software producs to clean up music files before I imported them into Itunes.

Finally I downloaded Tunup which directly integrates with Itunes. It was not free but seems to work very well. Tunup is integrated directly into Itunes. You can drag and drop songs from your playlists into the sidebar setup by Tuneup.


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