January 18, 2005

Fighter News Roundup.

The F/A-22 is cleared to fly again.

This article from the Atlanta Journal Consitituion talks about future ideas for Lockheed Martin fighter aircraft. This one is a must see!! I should have included this with the F/A-22.

This Newsweek article talks about problems with restricting access to defense technology (including the JSF).

Here are some cool photo's of a F-35 full scale model on a pedestal at Rome Labs.

This press release from the Taiwan's ministry of defince talks Taiwan's plans to outsource maintenance and also upgrade plans for Taiwan's Indiginous Defense Fighter. The intent is to upgrade the IDF with avionics upgrades like the F-35.

Yahoo Business says Lockheed sold it's stake in Turkish Aircraft Industries.

The JSOW-C was approved for full rate production according to this article in the Pax River Tester news paper . The JSOW-C weapon is compatible with the JSF.

Vault released New Employee Survey's on Lockheed Martin. These are pretty amazing.

CBS Market Watch has this story on the shifting budget priorities in the Pentagon.

This article from the Macon Telegraph says funding from F/A-22 cutbacks could be used to fund J-STARS engine upgrades.

U.S. Senators are coming to Lockheed's defense (mostly for the C-130J) in this article from the Fort Worth Star Telegram.

Lockheed backers set for fight in this article from the Dallas News.

Here is an article from the New York Times about defense by the Air Force of the F/A-22.

This article from the AP says the Air Force is suffering from a leadership vacuum.

General Jumper (Air Force Chief of Staff) Qualified in the F/A-22.

The Air Force says General Jumper qualified in the F/A-22 in this link.

A Un-related - A T-37 and a crop duster collided over Oklahoma in this link.


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