January 03, 2005

Hiring Techies and Project Management

I heard a real good MP3 conversation between Joanna Rothman and Roy Osherove from Israel. Joanna Rothman is a project management consultant who recently wrote a on hiring technical persons available on Amazon. The audio file is on IT conversations here.

This is from IT Conversations - "Host Roy and Joanna discuss problems in project management, software delivery and the hiring people. They discuss interviewing strategies, and some bad examples of interviewing technique. Also: How do I improve myself as a project manager?. How do I deal with unrealistic project deadlines? What's wrong with running multiple projects at the same time? What is the most common management mistake?"

By the way I got iPodderX working on my Apple G4. I have it automatically downloading audio blogs and MP3 files automatically from sites like IT Conversations. The files are dumped into Itunes playlists on the G4 where they are automatically synced with my Ipod.


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