August 08, 2010

Football is back

The hall of fame came marks the start of football season for me, so football is back.

We had a great drive back from San Luis Obispo today, so we are back. We witnessed a couple of close calls today on Highway 166, the two-lane that runs between the I5 and Highway 101. One person passed uphill with traffic in the opposite late coming down hill. That person just made it. The second person passed with on-coming traffic already heading right for them. They made it was well.

I was able to get my Macbook working with Air Force email Saturday. When the Snow Leopard version of OS X came out, the CAC card no longer worked

Before I ran Parallels this time to run the CAC in XP, maybe I would give it a shot on Safari.

And low and behold it worked and I was able to access the email using Safari. Also the defense travel system is compatible with the mac as well (the signing application now runs in Java). Several excellent websites exist on how to set your CAC up to work natively with your mac. is the best site no matter what OS you are running.

Miracles never cease...

I also received this cool book in the mail from Amazon over in SLO:

I read the section about the launch abort system modes at breakfast Sunday and the sections about programs P63 and P64 on the lunar module during landing.

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