August 30, 2009

Station Fire

The glow of the station fire looks visible from Rosamond as it burns north towards Acton.

I am praying the fire will miss the Mt. Wilson Observatory.

The news is saying two L.A. County fire fighters were killed in a roll over accident near Camp 16 south of Acton. 800 ft drop. Camp 16 is a camp used to house inmate fire crews.

Airplane watch: P-2V airtanker flying out of Fox Field toward one of the fires. Also watched the new AW139 helicopter L.A. City fire was flying. In the Navy Proceedings magazine an article was in last months edition saying the AW139 was one option to replace the Coast Guard Dolphin helicopter.

Car watch: Early 70's corvette in Lancaster.

Weather: 102 deg f high, and overcast with smoke from the fires. We had ash falling when we were at Walmart in Lancaster.

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