December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve

Started out eating breakfast at the Marie Callenders Restaurant at Pismo Beach in California. Watched surfers in the water from are position overlooking the beach. Then we drove down to Santa Maria, California to buy an inverter at Best Buy. This provided power for Joy's grandson play his new Nintendo DS in the car. Best Buy had a long line, and I usually call them slow buy because Fry's Electronics is so superior. At least in Santa Maria, they were trying to copy Fry's by directing people to empty check stands.

We drove home on Highway 101, Highway 166, Interstate 5, and Highway 138 with almost non-existent traffic. We stopped at the grapevine at the Laval road Mobile gas station. We dropped off Joy's grandson and traveled to my Mothers house where I got to see all four of my nephews. I also scored a new cordless Mikita screwdriver, a couple cordless phones and some systems engineering books I asked for. I baked an olallieberry pie from Linn's bakery in Cambria. My sister and mother put out a big spread.

We ended up watching Shreik 3 before heading home.

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