August 24, 2007

Wright Brothers Memorial

Today I visited the Wright Brother memorial at Wright Patterson Air Force Base.

I arrived at and a Ranger from the National Park Service walked us out to the Memorial. The Ranger gave us an overview of how the memorial was built.

He was a good story teller.

The landscaping was done by the same architects that created Central Park in New York City.

The memorial is located some distance from Huffman Prairie where the Wright's perfected flying after returning from Kittyhawk, NC. Kittyhawk being the location of the first flight by the Wright flyer airplane.

Huffman Prairie can be viewed from the site.

A small visitors center contains an exibit discusing the activities at Huffman Prairie. Material also shows the work of Wright Field.

A plaque lists the names of all the pilots the Wright company initially trained at Huffman Prairie.


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