November 26, 2006


I ate thanksgiving at my mom's house. My sister prepared awesome sweet potatos. Then it was off to San Luis Obispo.

My girlfriend drove my 2002 Z28 SS 35th anniversary edition over and back. I am the caretaker of this car. Previously it was my father's ride. My girlfriend is a great driver and we rocketed over to the coast and back.

On Friday my girlfriend fixed thanksgiving dinner for her folks, her brother, and us.. We also did all the grocery shopping, christmas shopping, and a few tasks around the house.

We at lunch at a new mexican resturant in the marigold shopping center located in SLO. On Saturday we ate at the same resturant again with my girlfriends best friend from high school.

We rocketed back on Saturday night against almost no traffic. The only real traffic was encountered on interstate 5.

The more I drive on Highway 166 the more I like it. It has thes great hilly and mountain stretches on both ends. Then this long straight strech occurs in the Cuyama Valley.


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