December 25, 2004

Merry Christmas

Slept in after driving to San Luis Obispo and then back to the AV yesterday.

I spent the morning setting up my POP3 accounts so they would work with my Blackberry. The Blackberry web client consolidates all the email and forwards it to the handheld. I have a dot mac account, email accounts that came with the DSL account, and I also recently using a new webhost that provides me my own POP server. I am trying to consolidate all of these accounts. Eventually I will drop the dot mac account when my subscription expires next year. I also plan to migrate my mail off SBC Yahoo. I turned SPAM assasin, but I need to learn more about it. Super easy setup through the web of multiple mail accounts.

I called SBC tech support and was amazed by the new voice activated automated phone system. I needed to call and reset my DSL account password. And it worked great, much better then my last experience where I was forwarded to some support engineer in another country. My password has been screwed up since I made the wrong choice and choose to "merge" my primary Pacbell email account with SBC Yahoo during an aborted DSL setup attempt. I tossed the setup and installed everything manually. Since I had a pre-existing Yahoo account for fantasy football it merged the two accounts and screwed up my main mail account. DSL logins continued with no problems.

I finally dropped my dial up ISP ( after something like 10 years. I have not used the dial up account for awhile. I continued to maintain an email account and occasionally I used the dial up when I was on the road. At home I used an ISDN line for many years until DSL became available here in Rosamond. During this time my sister continued to use the dial up account in Lancaster until she upgraded to broadband in November (cable modem provided by Adelphia). Antelecom provided excellent service for both of us in the past and they are highly recommended.

The keyboard on my PC died (keys not working). I figured one of my nephews left candy or something in it, but it was actually shorted out. Burned traces. I am going to buy a nice Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse that will work with my KVM switch.

I spent most of the day waiting for a package to arrive. I paid for one day air on Tuesday, but the package got held up because of the bad weather back east. I occasionally refreshed the package tracking screen I kept open on Firefox to see where the package was. Just as I was about to lose hope, the UPS guy showed up at my door with an hour to spare before we planned to open packages.

While I was waiting for UPS this afternoon, I started reading a new book about the development of the Saturn 5 Booster called Stages to Saturn: a Technological History of the Apollo/Saturn Launch Vehicles by Roger E. Bilstein. So far it has been pretty interesting. I have just read the first few chapters concerning how Marshall Space Flight Center was spawned out of Redstone Arsenal, how the Saturn project was almost cancelled by the Eisenhower administration, and the turf battles with the Manned Space Flight Center over Lunar Orbit Rondivue.

I also lisened to the Gillmor Gang and Chris Bourdon's talk about OS X Tiger on the Macintosh G4. Both of these were downloaded from IT conversations. I also watched a Charlie Rose talk on my Tivo with scientists discussing artificial intelligence. It was Tuesdays show.

How many tiewraps and twist ties are needed to keep toys in the box? A bunch because I spent a ton of time clipping these things while my 2 year old nephew waited for his toy. I clipped a bunch of tiewraps used to hold toys in the box tonight. I also set up a wireless router tonight for my sister. Christmas Eve Dinner was great, Fresh vegetables and Deli Sandwiches at one location and tri-tip with all the extras at another local...

Received lots of cool stuff for Christmas. In addition to the Blackberry handheld we also received tools (screwdrivers and a rotary tool) and a great new rolling tool box. And I received a new rolling case for my laptop computer. I was also lucky to receive the Star Wars episodes 4,5, and 6 on DVD.

Finally I am trying to see if I can automatically download podcasts tonight with ipodderX.

Merry Christmas.....


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