April 12, 2009

Musical Road and Foxy's

On Saturday we visited Fox Field in Lancaster. On the way to Fox, we
drove on version 2 of the Lancaster musical road. Previously located
on avenue K in Lancaster, the musical road has been relocated to
Avenue G near Fox.

The musical road was originally created for a Honda Civic television
commercial. It was moved to Avenue G because of complaints from the
folks on Ave K.

The road is located 4 miles west of the Antelope Valley Freeway also
known as Highway 14. The musical road groves are in the left lane.

Okay so after the musical road we drove west to 50th street west and
visited Fox Field

We parked next to the airport administrative building to eat at Foxy's
Landing. Joy had a spinach omlette and I had a cheeseburger. A few
Cessna's landed while we ate.

We left after a good meal and drove past Fox Tanker Base and through
the parking lot of Apollo Park. I noticed the old apollo command
module at the park looked like it was gone.

We then left the airport and drove out to the poppy reserve. Poppy's
were located along the road and were light in the fields.

So now I am off to Cocoa Beach, Florida for series of meetings this


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