April 24, 2005

Short Term Missonary Groups

Recently while attending church, we received an announcement that a missionary group was being assembled for a trip to Papau New Guinea.

Some of these trips seem to me to be adventure vacations for Christians.

I thought about this awhile and I have come to the conclusion that the resources for trips like this could be better utilized.

I think most missionaries would rather receive the funds used to send the people then the people themselves.

It must be a bigger hassle to figure out what you can use people for that will only be available for a week. People who do not speak the language, the culture, or the taboos. Plus they need to be housed and fed.

I am reaching here, but it might be valuable to send people if they were thinking about becoming long term missionaries. They would go on a short trip to see what kind of situation they are getting themselves in to. Maybe they should go for 2 or 3 months to acclimate and insure they have the calling to do the kind of work that is needed to be an effective missionary.

Another good reason would be to build something. Supplies are assembled and sent ahead for a project. The people then travel to the work site when the supplies arrive onsite. They then build something the missionary needs not be a burdon.


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